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Only $4US a month.

Lenny is a new concept created by podcast listeners and podcast makers.

If you listen to 4 or more podcasts regularly then...


Why contribute to podcast creators?

  • It make a big difference to creators, every show has costs.
  • You’re investing in future episodes from the people you enjoy listening to.
  • Be part of what we’re building for listener and creators. This is the first iteration.

Is this a new podcast app?

  • No. Listen where you listen now. Lenny is a web app that connects the diverse podcast ecosystem but with a different function to a podcast player app.

Prefer ads?

  • Most podcasts don’t have the option to make money from ads. If the shows you listen to run ads then they’re doing better than the rest.
  • Lenny helps you support your favourite podcasts who can’t make revenue form ads.

What do I get for contributing?

  • Now, appreciation from the creators and us. You’re an early adopter and we haven’t turned on all the features yet.

More general stuff

Is a business?

  • Yes. We’re a mission driven business to build efficient products that work for creators and audiences.
  • 90% goes to creators, 10% fee. That’s for us to cover costs and keep developing so more people can support creators efficiently.
  • Ad agencies charge ~50%, other subscription platforms are between 8 and 30%.
  • Creators are notified when they start receiving contributions and are paid on request. We use Stripe mostly to handle the transactions.

What’s ahead?

  • Thanks for asking! Plenty ahead, especially as things are new and we’re getting started. More features, better product.

What about privacy?

  • Private. We’re only interested in helping people support and contribute to creators. In the future we’re planning some opt-in features. But for now it’s all clean lines.

Who makes

  • Four people in Melbourne, Australia. One podcast producer and three developers who are also podcast fans. One just moved to London. More to come. is a new way to support podcast creators

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